We have given a couple in Melbourne - Anna and Harry - a challenge a week to boost their sexual confidence and libido. The first challenge was daily dirty texting. The second was mindful touching. This is the final challenge. Finishing on a bang. Or hopefully, 7 of them.

The sexual confidence challenge this week is to have sex every day

The 'Lite; version : masturbate every day.

We realise this is the most time intensive of the challenges so far, your immediate reservation might be that time is already the enemy of sex in your life, how are you just magically going to make it happen now?

Honestly, make the commitment for just this one week to see what happens. Schedule it into your gcal if that works, get ready for bed one hour earlier. Sit down with your partner if you're keen to give this a whirl and strategise together how to make it happen.

The important thing is that you both 100% commit to trying this. Even if you can't manage every day, focusing your mind on making it happen will give you interesting insights and the fall back is masturbation... so everyone wins.

The logic behind this challenge is best described by first person accounts on the Internet from women who had sex every day - for a year.  Quote :

"Now I can’t speak for Andy, except to say he had a really good time, but for me, a year of sex became less about getting my sex on, and more about getting my brain to stop being an asshole when I took all my clothes off."