How good are gifts that delight without breaking the budget? Cheap and cheerful. Fast and flirty. Last minute wonders. We’re devoting this blog to all the quickie gift ideas that often get overlooked at the checkout. Buckle up and get ready to impress your best friend, Valentine, palentine, or fuck-buddy and for less than $50. 

Sexy Valentines Gifts Under $50

Smutty reads? Don’t mind if I do! Treat your loved ones to a real page turner with erotic novelsbooks on bondagesex 101 and detailed instructions on the art of seduction. The best thing is, they can share their learnings with you, or you can explore each chapter together, page by exhilarating page.

Sexy Valentines Gifts for Around $40

I mean, maybe this whole ‘ghosting’ thing ain’t so bad with the new Ghost stroker by Arcwave. There are plenty of ways to romance your loved ones (or your right hand) if you’re planning to spend under a pineapple this Valentine’s Day. From Big Pussy Energy to bootie plugs, sloooow pleasure and splendid things for dicks, you’ll wanna give into all of your deepest desires and then some.

Sexy Valentines Gifts Under $30

Thirty, flirty and thriving! There are so many ways to tell your crush that you’ve got a thing for them. Like these things – for them! From naughty novels to blatant erotica of the coffee-table persuasion, we have throbbing good things for every kind of fling.

Sexy Valentines Gifts Under $20

Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you an easy beat Tenga Egg, which might come close for some penis-owners. Whether you’re looking for a sensual new masturbation sleeve or something to heighten your partnered play, we have a few show-stopping gifts that cost less than a trip to the movies. Inflation, amiright?


Yep. It's gonna be a total suckfest, folks. Whether it's your clit, dick, or even your nips, it's time to get sucked. If you're not familiar with the air-pressure revolution, it's time you got acquainted. These toys use pulses of air to create a sucking sensation; a sensation known for delivering deeply powerful and long-lasting orgasms. The Womanizer is the Queen every V. Day but these pleasure toys also hold court when it comes to the big O.


What a wonderful time to be alive – we're surrounded by dildos in a phantasmagorical array of shapes, colours and textures. Dildos are perfect for vaginal and butt play, as dilators, for pegging and for use in strap-on harnesses. Our faves include the Rainbow, those fab, sparkly Dildolls and the squishy dual density dildo. Pro tip? Add a cock ring if you want them to buzz. Talk about the birds and the bzzz.


Keep those arrows lubed-up, Cupid. Preparation is the best kind of foreplay. Set the tone by worshipping every magnificent inch of your lover's body with a massage using edible oils or, if you're kinky, massage candles. Then as things start to heat up, silicone lube or water-based lubricant makes the ascent a pleasant one for everyone. And if you're looking for extra brownie points, a little On For Her or On For Him arousal oil never goes astray.


There's something so sexy about a customer that carefully selects an array of bondage ware for their lover. You can see them considering the what, the how and the when and it's super hot! Stock your Liberator Locking Case with a blindfold, cuffs, rope, gag, paddle and clamps, and call us in the morning.


O Rings, Cock Rings, Erection Rings. Stretch them around the balls, the cock or both and you're on your way to a rock hard erection and a night that never ends. Always a hit on Valentine's Day, our faves are the Nos, the Ribbed, Bond and the Pivot. And now the Manta & Nös Orgasm Box.


For our darlings with penises and prostates, give them O's to kingdom cum with masterful masturbators and prostate playthings. Tenga and Arcwave are the leaders in penis pleasure and Lelo and We-Vibe do a brilliant prostate massager. Pick your poison and be consumed by the climax.

Gifts, acts of service, quality time, you name the love language and the O speaks it fluently. The next time you're stuck for ideas, pamper your partner with a present that truly delivers.