The Empowered Fellatio Workshop has been running at Passionfruit for over a decade and has been our most popular class. Carol, our passionate sex educator, is in lockdown like all of us and her workshops have been cancelled. We've asked her for a few tips on our favourite subject and she has kindly provided us with some of her expertise. Thank you Carol!!!


1. The Frenulum lick

The frenulum, located at the back of the penis and underneath the glans is an area of skin which houses lots of nerves and is a g-spot for many penis owners, oozing lots of pleasure, when touched, licked or sucked.

Hot Tip; When flicking the frenulum with your tongue ,start slow and build intensity increasing the speed as you maintain eye contact with your lover. Not only is it hot for them to watch you, but you'll get off seeing them lose control..


2. Epic Ejaculation

For an epic ejaculatory experience not to be forgotten, as climax is imminent, suck harder whilst pressing your finger firmly on the perineum (the skin between the balls and anus). This will push on the prostate and constrict the flow of ejaculate which will create an explosive sensation when the cum cums...


3. When Ejaculation seems elusive. ..

Believe it or not, every lover is different. Some penis owners will find it difficult to cum no matter how much of a sucking expert you are.  Ejaculation does not always have to occur for fellatio to be successful. Pleasure is not measured on an end goal. However if things are going in that direction and its just not happening ask your lover to jerk off whilst you play with the perineum, balls and/or anus for an experience that won't be forgotten....

* Epic toys to use on the penis whilst giving your masterful blow job are The Manta, Pivot and Aneros.

The Manta wraps around the penis emitting strong vibrations and can be used in conjunction with your expert licking and sucking.

The Pivot constricts blood flow from the base of the penis so that the penis stays firmer. Sensations are super intensified.

The Aneros stimulates the prostate by moving with the breath and during movement. Fantastic when getting a blow job at the same time.

(You can see our Top 10 penis toys here).

Illustration by Duvet Days

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