Let’s talk about safe sex. Instantly things like open and honest communication, enthusiastic consent, protection, pleasure toys and essentials, like lubricant, come to mind. But, how often have you considered what you need as an individual to establish sexual and sensual safety?

In a slippery new series, Luminous Self-Love honours, celebrates and downright worships the unsung and underrated erogenous zones of the body through a lens of sensual safety. We revel in the dips and delight in tucked away places that evoke pleasure in unexpected ways. Among all the iridescence, we’re reframing the realm of condoms, dams, and barriers in a visual ode to texture and tactility. Because when we embrace these objects as an extension of ourselves, we are free to explore and experience our bodies more openly and honestly; an act of self-love in itself.

 @themme_fatale is sprayed with dew while stretching a purple dam over their eyes like a blindfold.
Products: Glyde Health Sheer Glyde Dam​​
Caption: A close up of @themme_fatale ‘s knee with a female condom stretched over it.
Products: Glyde Health Femidom Female Condom​​

A captivating contrast

It may be the end of summer, but in these frames, we’re channelling one last scorching spell. Dripping in dew, we’re shaking off the layers and taking a moment to notice the glistening sweat, the goosebumps, the sunlight on our skin. Before all the haste and the hurry, we’re taking time to see the signs that our bodies are open to sensation. A flush of colour, a lick of latex, it’s a curious game of seeking hidden places.

Caption: A close up of @kittykatkatastrophy3.0 wearing lilac lingerie, bending at the hip with a purple butt plug in hand, while @themme_fatale ’s hands reach up to touch their torso, remote control in-hand.
Products: B-Vibe Novice Butt Plug with Remote​​
Caption: A close up of @themme_fatale ’s face with their tongue sticking out licking the iridescent rose gold chain of a bondage collar and leash.
Products: NS Novelties Rainbow Collar and Leash​​

Be moved by mirrored textures

Embrace the ripples, the folds, the stretchy and the smoothness observed in our bodies and surroundings. Every curve is a chapter of your story, every inch is a part of your wondrous tapestry. With this curiosity, we open up to possibility, to parallels and to the beautiful symmetry in the objects around us whether they’re soft or reflective ridges repeating on and on and on.

Caption: A close up of @themme_fatale ’s hand holding the Eva II vibrator over the folds of their calf.
Products: Glyde Health Femidom Female Condom​​
Caption: A mid shot of @themme_fatale wearing a sequin-covered halter neck top holding a ball gag up to their neck like a necklace.
Products: NS Novelties Rainbow Ball Gag​​

Presentation matters

Our pleasure toys aren’t simply a means to an end. They make excellent companions when gentle meandering or foreplay is involved. Tease and titillate your body’s overlooked erogenous zones; spaces and places unseen by the limelight. From a vibrating butt plug in your belly button, to the roundness of a ball gag rolling on the back of your neck, a pulsing sensation squished behind your knees or under your armpit, the final frontiers of heightened pleasure.

A mid shot of @themme_fatale wearing a white, corseted tank top with ornamental pearls, leopard print gloves and black latex underwear. They are holding an Iroha Kushi vibrator to their hip.
Products: Lorals Latex Undies For Oral Sex, Iroha Kushi.​​
Caption: A mid shot of @kittykatkatastrophy3.0 wearing a cream camisole dress and black beaded necklace while holding up a pair of rainbow wrist cuffs, one linked around her wrist.
Products: NS Novelties Rainbow Wrist Cuffs​​