Table of Contents

• Chapter 1 - Out of Sight

• Chapter 2 - Aural Arousal

Forget BDSM. There’s nothing more arousing than the sighs, moans and sweet nothings murmured during our most intimate moments. This chapter of our luminary series is for all the sound nerds out there. Because whether you’re playing solo, partnered or with pleasure toys, there’s plenty to tune into when we simply stop to listen.

We’ve all been there (okay, maybe I’ve been there enough times to save you the trip). You’re alone, tuning into some tasteful *erotica* and suddenly, you’re struck by an unexpectedly loud surge of sound from your speakers, “STOP JERKING OFF AND MEET HOT PEOPLE IN YOUR AREA!”. Busted.

From the hum of our toys to the purr of a partner, there are some things that are simply better in stereo. And if auditory elements escape you, we’ve incorporated some vibrational cues to evoke the shift in pressure and sensation that accompanies our most sensual sessions.

A close up of @themme_fatale holding a butt plug vibrator in their armpit, as their hand grazes their face.
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Caption:  A close up of @kittykatkatastrophy3.0 wearing ornate crystal earrings, holding an air-suction toy beside their face, tucking it up to their left earlobe.
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Solo sessions

Acoustic (sans toys) or with an accompaniment (people or pleasure toys), begin your play with a deep breath-in and focus on the sounds around you. Once it feels secure and safe to explore, settle into the space. From silence to ambient noise to your heartbeat racing in your ears, notice how the audio around you affects your body, and how it might be used to amplify or modulate your desire. 

When it feels right, begin to explore your body, observing the stiffening, slicking or smoothing and how it sounds to brush your fingers over your skin. There’s no rule about how fast, slow, or even where your exporation goes. Armpits, ear lobes, between the toes, or back of the knees. Climax isn’t the point here. Simply tune into your body’s song and what you’re most comfortable with. 

Remember, if this exercise is a little confronting, it might not be the right time or even the right activity for your experience or this particular moment. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

Caption: A close up of @themme_fatale and @kittykatkatastrophy3.0 face to face. Themme wears an ornate pearl top and has their eyes closed while holding a rainbow leash. @kittykatkatastrophy3.0 wears the matching collar and is dressed in a cream lacy camisole.
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Caption: A close up of @themme_fatale and @kittykatkatastrophy3.0 face to face. Themme wears an ornate pearl top and while holding a rainbow leash. @kittykatkatastrophy3.0 wears the matching collar and is dressed in a cream lacy camisole.
Products: NS Novelties Rainbow Collar and Leash​​

Ensemble experiences

Sound is a deeply underrated component of our intimate experiences. Get it wrong and it can be totally off-putting (like shouting the wrong name at the wrong time). Get it right and the whole thing becomes a saucy lesson in ASMR. More than that, the right sounds can help signal when a situation feels safe. For example, the sound of a condom wrapper being ripped open or when our lover insists we “keep going”, “slow down” or when they insist we “keep it down” because there are folks in the next room. (Soz, babe.)

No matter your vocal range, we encourage you to stop to listen out for an enthusiastic “yes”, a satisfied sigh, a “go further” groan or squeal of delight. From giggling to full-bellied laughter (and heaven forbid a “queef”!), there’s so much pleasure potential in the sounds we might often hold back for fear of being “unsexy”. But really, this is all part of our intimate communication, and it begins in the preparation phase (especially if you’re bringing period sex, barriers or menstrual sponges into play) and extends long after the fever of it all.

Caption:  A close up of the Iroha Kushi Vibrator, Joy Division Menstrual Sponge and bunch of unopened Jonny Condoms, spritzed in lube.
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Complex conductors

Consider this is a little disclaimer for those that experience pain during playtime and those navigating sexual health concerns. From STI’s to rehabilitation, it’s important to check-in and move at your own pace with all necessary protection, no matter whether you’re engaging in partnered play or not. We’ve put together some helpful articles on the science of lube, conversations around STI disclosure, anal hygiene tips for backdoor exploration to help support you through these scenarios. Of course, if you’d prefer some personalised recommendations to suit your pleasure practice, book a consultation with our in-store educators. 

Caption: A close up of an iridescent silver flogger spritzed in lube droplets.
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Lip sync assassins

Let’s talk about acoustics. If you like the sound of pleasure toys in your practice, then noise really matters. If you share a space or prefer to keep things quiet, you may want to consider using toys that typically don’t make a sound (dildos, anyone?). Some vibrators, remote control toys, and butt plugs make great options for the silent types. But if you don’t mind the buzz, whirr or satisfying crack of a flogger, then you have more options to choose from. Of course, we can’t promise that you will be entirely silent when engaging with these playthings. Reeemix. 

The next time someone suggests oral, put a few of these aural suggestions on their playlist and see what sticks – or squirts.