We’re moving out. We’re saying goodbye to Bridge Road and ‘hello’ to the buzz of Brunswick Street. But, why now? And why does our website suddenly look like this? Our big move isn’t just post-pandemic migration, it’s about metamorphosis and welcoming a new chapter for our shop, our business and our community.




You’ve changed. 

Over the last few decades, the way we interact with sexual health and wellbeing has come leaps and bounds. Think about how many fantastic lube and lingerie brands have sprouted right here in Naarm alone! From entry-level vibes to premium luxury tech, sex toys and resources are being welcomed with open arms into our relationships, homes and shelves. Conversations around accessibility, consent, inclusivity and visibility are more important than ever before. People are becoming more interested and self-aware of their bodies, desires and pleasures. And while there’s plenty of work to do yet, there’s plenty to celebrate about the future of our industry.




We’ve changed.

When Passionfruit first opened in 1998, our aim was to better understand the nature of sex in our culture and to express desire more truthfully. We wanted to encourage and excite all of our audiences (not only the cis het men, but everyone that was interested-in exploring and enjoying sex). We wanted to rebuild the bridge between sex and soul, through humour, intellect and love. Today, our audiences are more diverse than ever. They’re young, they’re mature, they’re ageing, experiencing and discovering how to love their bodies better than ever before. And we love to see it.




What’s next?

From gender affirmation to rehabilitation, menstruation and menopause; sexual and sensual health is not static and fixed, so neither is our approach. We want to be more than a purveyor of pleasurements, we want to support you throughout your journey, providing you with resources, tools and information for a flourishing sexual and sensual wellbeing. We’re listening, exploring and experimenting with new offerings, and more inclusive ways to communicate so that we can be the sex shop you deserve.


A new website

Firstly, this means making our online presence more approachable, easier to use, and reflective of the people that use it everyday. We’re casting our community, discussing positions, dynamics and sexuality in a more fluid and open way, so that everyone is invited to the pleasure party. This means that whether you love strap-on sex, oral, anal, self-pleasure or missionary P in V sex, you’re covered.


A new store

We’ve consulted with groups from within our community to ensure our next shop is inviting and accessible for everyone: confident adult store connoisseurs, shy folks that have never stepped into a sex shop and disabled folks looking for a little more room to browse, included.


A new way of communicating

We want to hear from you, our customers, our community, the folks that influence our culture. Want to contribute to our regular write ups, product testing or simply share a review of a book, toy or essential? Send us an email, or comment below, and introduce yourself, we’d love to get to know you better.

Thank you for supporting us through both the good times and more challenging ones. There’s plenty of room to grow and we can’t wait to share our journey with you. 


See you in store.