1. Fab Fellatio

For the most sublime head, lift the penis and lightly and tenderly kiss from bottom to top. With feather-light flicks, run your tongue along the underside of the shaft in a straight line from bottom to top. Swirl your tongue around the head paying special attention to the frenulum. Intersperse with cool blowing and warm sucking over the shaft and head. Use your hand as well as your mouth to glide from base to tip. Look into your lover's eyes and show enthusiasm and love. Don't be afraid to use your saliva for lots of lovely lubrication. Hold the penis firmly at the base to keep him hot and hard. We hold regular Expert Fellatio Workshops that will take your skills to the next level.

2. Foreplay of the Mind

Anticipation is a beautiful thing. Massage the crotch whenever you have the chance, send suggestive texts throughout the day, bare a bit of skin (and for an extra thrill, wear suspenders and stockings or sexy boxers), lick your ice-cream suggestively and give your most seductive, carnal glances. Whatever you do, make sure they know what delicious delight is waiting. Who doesn't adore to know that you're having dirty dreams of them? And when they finally throw you on the bed to ravish you, the wait will have made it so much more worth it.

3. On the Brink

One of the most erogenous zones on the body is the perineum and anal area. When delighting them with your sublime oral technique, try pressing the pad of your finger around the perineum (the area between the balls and anus) using reasonable pressure. When they're good and aroused, use a lubricated finger to lightly massage around the anus. If they're going to come, insert your finger gently for wild and intense orgasm.

4. Heavenly Hand Work

Hand jobs are soooo much more satisfying when you have a well lubricated hand. Make sure you have some nice massage oil and warm it up a little to begin your massage. Release some tension from his back, shoulders and buttocks before starting on the penis. Don't be sparing with the oil and use good, firm pressure as well as feather light touch and your fingernails to ignite them. Quality massage oils are excellent for handjobs and silicone lubricants are positively transformational. Keep a look out for our Erotic Tantric Massage workshops where you'll learn tricks and techniques you never dreamed of.

5. Enthusiasm

You cannot underestimate the role of body confidence and enthusiasm. We hear it a lot because it cannot be overstated. Really try to forget your body hang-ups and engage in sex with as much enthusiasm as you can muster. Show them that you are loving every stroke, lick and thrust. Whether you are giving head, providing a masterful hand job or masturbating in front of them, look into their eyes, make noise and GET INTO IT! It's highly contagious for both partners and they'll feel like the master of the universe. When you truly worship the penis, the game changes.

6. Just For You Baby

We don't talk about it much, but the pressure to perform can be deflating. A hard, firm, performing penis can be difficult to maintain again and again. Every once in a while, let them know that you are going to love and pleasure them with no reciprocation. Lie them down, massage, stroke, lick, suck and fuck them if you want to but make sure they understand that there is no pressure to perform. Permission to relax and be pleasured is a wonderful gift. Erection and climax are optional.

P.S. We don't endorse smoking of any kind! Only the 'body on fire' kind.