The products in this article have been designed by a student with the focus purely on recovery through pleasure. It's so important, so underestimated and so rare. Go her!

Sexual healing is so often medicalised (after all, medical practitioners aren't pleasure professionals) and that's why the article resonated with me so much. Self pleasure, reflection and exploration are such important aspects of sexual realisation, confidence and healing.

At Passionfruit, we work with many healthcare professionals who educate us on the types of sexual trauma and dysfunction that they deal with and we, in turn, help to educate them on the range of amazing products that can help overcome different issues.

In the store, we speak with individuals who experience health issues that effect their sexual relationships, with the most common issues including:

DISABILITY - Including paralysis, autism and cerebral palsy

We try to educate ourselves as much as we can on how these issues are affecting a person's ability to enjoy sex. We believe that when your sex life is dramatically altered, the effects can be devastating. We also feel that individuals aren't counselled adequately by the healthcare industry on how best to restore sexual function and re-navigate their sex lives, hence our liaising with the sector to the extent that we do.

There are so many products that can help to bring joy back to people's lives and help them on a positive sexual journey. Our healthcare system doesn't make enough allowance for sexual recovery post medical intervention and we aim to change that.


A lady in her 60's was ABSOLUTELY sick and tired of using medical dilators to help restore elasticity into her vagina after not having had sex for more than 20 years. She found it such a chore and overly medical – nothing to do with pleasure at all. She bought a silicone set of beautifully soft dilators that can also vibrate so that her practice brought pleasure as well as health.

Alan was sent to us by a urologist to help restore his erectile dysfunction post prostate surgery. He had no obvious symptoms of cancer one day, had his prostate removed the next, and then found he could no longer get an erection and was incontinent (as is the case with almost all patients who have prostate surgery). It's terrifying and has an enormous effect on wellbeing, sense of self and sexuality. To support Alan through this, we recommended a Post Prostate Cancer Treatment Rehab Pump Kit to help with blood flow, as well as strategies to re-navigate his sex life.

Recently, a gentleman came in looking for a way to help his wife pleasure herself because she had recently become a quadriplegic. After such an incredibly  traumatic event, they both felt it was important to connect on a sexual level and for her to feel sexually autonomous, without having to rely on her husband for that fundamental need. We decided on the We- Vibe Sync which is a hands free device that can be controlled with your phone. 

Lucy was diagnosed with cancer in her 20's, had a hysterectomy, and was going through menopause as a result. Silicone lubricant is probably one of the single best things for women who have vaginal pain and dryness and we are tireless in our recommendation of this product to the medical community. Pelvic floor exercisers also top our list of recommendations, as menopause weakens the pelvic floor. A wonderfully soft, squishy vibrator was also recommended to help bring back sensitivity and pleasure.


If you're recovering from any type of sexual change, surgery or trauma, don't underestimate the transformative qualities of the right product. Healthcare professionals are incredibly good at what they do, but are not always up to speed with the most well-designed products that have the ability to transform your life. Check in with your favourite adult store for that kind of information. We love talking to you! And let's face it, your pharmacist/physio/urologist won't talk to you about the best lube for anal!

If you're a healthcare practitioner and want to learn more about the excellent products available, contact us for a personal or group tour of the store. Sign up to our newsletter to be a part of our medical professional newsletter.