• Find your erotic profile by reading this book - often when customers tell us that they’re not sure what really turns them on, we liken it to discovering their favourite cuisine. You’ve gotta visit the restaurants and cook the food and let your tastebuds give you the answers (and maybe alter the recipe to suit you exactly). Reading a book of short erotic stories helps you to sort the hot from the luke warm, in terms of your appetites. Collect your hottest ‘recipes’ and branch out from there. Maybe it’s group sex? Or same sex? Perhaps it’s watching or being watched? Once you have an idea of your erotic profile, it helps you discover more erotica, more toys and more fantasies to ultimately fuel your passions and desires.




  • Did you sign up to The Pleasure Challenge? It’s not too late. You can access the previous challenges and begin your pleasure routine. Build your pleasure muscle and watch your sex life skyrocket, even if it’s just with yourself.


  • The biggest lockdown bonus has got to be orgasms at your desk. Work, coffee, work, orgasm, work... Toy suggestions for the quickest desk climaxes are most definitely the air pressure variety. Our faves are the Womanizer Eco, We-Vibe Melt and Dame Aer. Or perhaps a wand for maximum power and pressure - best options Doxy, Le Wand and Palm Power.

  • With all the extra time on our hands that may have been wasted in our car or on the tram, why not counter the quickie desk orgasms with looooong, slow orgasms and compare the difference? Toy suggestions for long sessions are the Njoy Pure Wand, Snug Plug and Dame Pom - separately or all together! YES! Build your toy arsenal and try using as many as you can in one session. For penis owners, try the Aneros for prostate stimulation and a ribbed cock ring for longer, harder erections. Don’t forget lube.
  • Stay indoors and go out! Cook up a 3 course meal and turn your home into a michelin star restaurant. Serve your lover in all ways.

  • Need some lockdown inspo? Book now for the online Master of Mistressery course starting June 5th. Even if being a dominatrix isn’t your thing, you’ll learn how to ascertain exactly what your lover wants (from a deeply psychological perspective - Anne’s specialty) and how to provide it.




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