According to author, speaker and sexologist Jaiya, there are five erotic blueprints and we each align with one in particular. Once you know your blueprint (take the quiz below) it makes navigating your sex life soooo much easier. And fun!

Each erotic blueprint has a Superpower and a Shadow. The trick is to expand your super power and heal your shadow. If you're in a relationship, knowing each others blueprint enables you to align so that you both get what you most want. HOT SEX!! YES!! Generally you are most like one with varying degrees of the others.


1. Energetic

SUPERPOWER - You love the anticipation of sex perhaps even more than the actual sex. You're super sensitive to your surroundings and feel the deliciousness of life to your bones - you're a free spirit who loves the feeling of seduction, teasing, yearning and longing. Your thoughts highly arouse you and you're hypersensitive.

SHADOW -  You can short circuit because you're so sensitive - if someone is too fast or forward you shut down. Or you can be super horny but become over-stimulated so that you shut down at the critical moment. There's a tendency to be judgemental and if a partner doesn't align with your values, you can't get in to it. (They must be vegan, a non-smoker etc).

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2. Sensual

SUPERPOWER - You're turned on by your senses being fully ignited. You love texture, beauty, candles, lovely food, rose petal baths and long massages. You can have full body orgasms, non genital orgasms and experience deep embodiment. You need to be relaxed in order to have sex.

SHADOW - You're stuck in your head, thinking about the day's chores and to-do lists. You need everything to be 'just right' in order to be fully aroused. You can let your head invade your mood so that your thinking about the bed linen instead of your lover going down on you.

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3. Sexual

SUPERPOWER - You are turned on most by what the cultural norm of sex is - penetration, erection, wetness, orgasm, nudity. You go from zero to 100 in a flash. For you, sex is easy and  beautiful and simple like pizza. You have sex in order to relax (as opposed to 'Sensuals' who need to be relaxed in order to have sex)

SHADOW - You have a limited definition of sex. You wonder what's wrong with everyone and see yourself as right and others wrong. You don't see that there's 'more' to sex.

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4. Kinky

SUPERPOWER - You're turned on by whatever you think is taboo. You enjoy mental stimulation and are super creative. You may enjoy the psychological side of kink that is power-play and fantasy or the sensation side of kink that is rope, cuffs, gags and leg-spreaders. Or you may be turned on by both:)

SHADOW - You have deep shame regarding your desires resulting in an inability to fully submit to and indulge your desires.


5. Shapeshifter

SUPERPOWER - You're turned on by everything. (Go you)! You have a great capacity for pleasure and are practically insatiable. You speak all the blueprint languages because you're turned on by it all.

SHADOW - You please everyone but don't always feel complete (or have your needs met). You may have been told that you're 'too much' or 'never satisfied' and therefore you've shut parts of your sexuality down so you fit into a certain 'type'.

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Take the quiz, identify your blueprint and have a conversation. Understand that there is no right or wrong. No-one is broken. The goal is to make the sex you're having even hotter! Learn how to feed each other's blueprint, expand your superpowers and heal your shadows. When you learn to speak your lover's language (blueprint) you find the point at which there's a crossover and you're turned on by their blueprint. Then you move into the Shapeshifter and speak all five languages.


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