Understanding how you are turned on visually is important in tapping into your own pleasure. This teaser is all about exploring your preferred sexually explicit material. If you have issues finding sexualy explicit materials, try looking for media that has more foreplay, or context. You can also use tv shows or movies. 

Once you find something that makes you juicy, identify the parts that you find really sexy. 

Is it particular actors? 

Certain situations? 

What contexts do you like? 

Do you like to create pictures in your head?

What details do you add that really turn you on? 

Think about the emotions that come up for you, rather positive or negative. Where do you feel the arousal in your body? How do you build on that arousal? 


For people in long-term relationships, often the visual aspects are the first to be disregarded as you become more familiar. For this teaser, I suggest removing the visuals and blindfolding each other. Rediscover the landscape of each other’s bodies using different types of touch. Remember the moments of pleasure you experienced with each other’s bodies. The focus here is to use positive emotions to reconnect with all of those favourite parts of your partner’s body.


Toys often provide a functional boost to desire and arousal, but increasingly they can also be quite beautiful. Explore using toys that appeal to your sense of beauty. For starters, I can recommend the NJoy Fun Wand, or a bit of delicious sexual jewellery from Crave. Additionally, when we are deepening our experience of the visual nothing gets you there quicker than a bit of beautiful lace.