1. Tease & Please Premium Black Collection $399.00

The ULTIMATE gift of love! The Womanizer air pleasure toy is the only product that we can almost guarantee will give extended, heightened orgasms over and over again. Coupled with the We-vibe Sync, it's a no-brainer for those on a love mission. (Valued at $548.00)

2. Liberator Wedge $199.00

Sounds like a gimmick, but it's always in my Top 5 of best products ever! Gives great angle for deeper penetration, amazing comfort and visuals to keep you on a high for days.

3. Passionfruit Travel Pack $75.00

The BMS Essential Bullet was one of our Top 5 Products of 2019. We've teamed it with the 30ml Pjur Nude Lubricant and our best friend, On for Her clitoral arousal oil. All zipped together in the cutest, teeny size travel pouch. Valued at $90.00

4. Passionfruit Pleasure Bondage Kit $99.00

Our favourite bedroom, light bondage pieces will add some ooohs and ahhhhs to your hot Valentine's evening. Wildhide pleasure cuffs, Shhh satin blindfold and On for Her clitoral arousal oil. You'll be dining out on this until Easter.

5. Überlube Travel + On For Her Arousal Kit $49.95

We've put our Number 1 and 2 favourite products together for you at an awesome price. You'll wonder how you ever got along without these gems of the industry. POWER to the people yo!

Überlube is a silicone based lubricant that is the sexiest thing ever to put on your body. The silkiness and glide takes your sexual experiences to the next level. And the packaging is extraordinary. Throw it in your handbag, carry on and always be level for superior sexual experiences.

On for Her by Sensuva is a clitoral stimulator that feels absolutely wonderful when applied directly to the clitoris. You'll immediately feel the warmth, the lubricating effect and the incredible buzz that accompanies it. We absolutely love it.

 Image Luis Edigio Melendez