Whilst issues of health, libido and menopause may make navigating sex a bit more challenging, sexual pleasure in later life can be the most rewarding of all.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. TIME. Many of us wrongly assume that planning for sex takes the fun out of it. On the contrary, when you take the time to learn, plan, shop and make appointments for sex, the anticipation can improve the quality of your play and align your sex drives. Later life gives us lots of time to devise wicked scenarios.
  2. CONFIDENCE. Let’s face it, we’re (hopefully) less worried now about cellulite and wrinkles than we were at 40. A ‘take it or leave it’ attitude helps us to be more present and therefore feel more pleasure.
  3. SKILLS. A wealth of experience can help navigate relationships more effectively. We can use all the job/parenting/mentoring/negotiating/communication skills we have learned over our lifetime to deepen our relationships and make sex that much more rewarding. Intellect is a powerful aphrodisiac so it should follow that more of it makes us better lovers.
  4. A MORE OPEN MIND. As we age we face new health challenges. We can use them as an opportunity to create new types of sexual play with our partner(s), leading to stronger, more truthful connections. A less than powerful erection, for example, might encourage us to explore kink, oral sex or fantasy play.
  5. EXPERIENCE. An enlightened mind understands that sex encompasses a broad range of activity. Rather than the usual penis in vagina sex of earlier years, a more experienced lover knows that sex incorporates pleasure, humour, love, intimacy, sensuality, companionship and human connection. And a study by the National Commission on Aging (NCOA) shows that women, in particular, find sex over 70 as, or more, physically and emotionally satisfying than they did in their 40s.

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* Photo by Teale Photography