“I’m willing to put on some mood lights for this thing.” In our season finale of First Impressions, Themme (they/them) explores the smooth, squishy and straight-up impressive. Featuring the Lelo Enigma, Iroha Minamo and Boss Realistic Dildo by Fun Factory, tune-in for entry-level and more advanced accessories for your pleasure chest.

The products featured in this episode include:

Enigma by Lelo

“Suction on this end and vibration on this side, there’s a lot going on in this simple little curve.” - Themme Fatale. You won’t want to let go of this multifaceted pleasure toy, featuring both air-pressure and vibrating technology. Slather it in lube and take it for a ride.

Minamo by Iroha

“I’m willing to put on some mood lights for this thing.” And I mean, how could you not? This curvy design delivers soothing ocean-like sensations to everyone it meets. Flexible and tapered, the Minamo is great for dilation training, first-time users and those with vaginismus and vulvodynia. Plus, it rivals Iroha Kushi for squish-factor. Cute.

The Boss Realistic Dildo by Fun Factory

“I mean, yup. It’s undeniably what it is...” - Themme Fatale. Big, bold and broad, this realistic dildo is exceptional for vaginal, anal and harness play. Featuring a flat, sticky base that sticks to smooth surfaces, “no one is gonna be confused about what you’re bringing if you’re bringing this out.”