After eighteen years in the business, we have learned that a single product can completely transfom your sex life. The difference can be like night and day. Here are seven products that customers have told us again and again have utterly reinvigorated their lives.


  • Lube - The single best product to enhance sensation and pleasure - Silicone based lubricant ups your experience of sex full stop and for those who experience pain or irritation, it’s a godsend.

  • On - This powerhouse of sensation is made from all natural ingredients and contains no irritating menthol. One tiny drop on the clitoris takes your orgasm from here to out of this world.

  • Wedge - Sounds impossible but this little bolster takes penetrative sex to a whole new depth.

  • Cock ring - placed at the base of the penis or around the cock and balls, the extra blood in the penis makes for a rip-roaring climax.

  • A vibrator - well that’s a no brainer. Vibration of the sensitive nerve endings around the vulva, vagina, penis head and butt, can be sex life changing.

  • Diva cup - not really a product to improve your sex life but a life changer it is. No more tampons or pads stuffed full of bleaches and chemicals, just a reusable cup that will become the best thing you ever did.

  • The right condom - if you use condoms, they should be your best friend and something that you’re never without. The reason many of us ‘forget’ to use one is because we haven’t experimented and found our perfect fit. The right size is critical. We have six sizes, from 46mm to 64mm. When you find the right size, together with the right lube, your sex life will be what it should be - entirely on your terms. #word

Any transformational products you've encountered? We'd love to know!!