V-day typically brings to mind smug red roses giving couples.

However, to quote RuPaul, "if you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?"

This VDay, remember to take some time to give yourself a high-five, whether you're single or partnered.

At Passionfruit we are privileged to see the holistic, positive impact on those who live by the rule of giving to themselves - in order to best give to others. The best lovers tend to be those who own their orgasm and are confident in themselves.

We wouldn't be who we are without taking a moment to preach about one self-loving practice in particular.

Polishing the pearl, feeding the pony, saying hello to the little man in the boat. 

If you haven't got a self-loving practice or you want to become a self-love connoisseur, here are three tips :

1. Education for 10 minutes at a time. Masturbatory prowess is a skill like anything else, practice is important but moments to learn and reflect can be game changing. We just launched our Sex Ed section of the website for short youtube videos to give you as many ideas and facts in under 10 minutes as possible.

2. Free sexuality workshops at VDay Night (Feb 10th). Get your ticket for our VDay experience and sale February 10th, 7-10pm. We have sex educators giving free seminars on self-love and partnered play throughout the night.

3. Get a book. You're telling me to crawl into bed and finger a book instead? Yep! Especially if you've never got a lot out of masturbation. Some dedicated focus to exploring your body with a guide is like a long-term investment in your future orgasms alone and with lovers. You've got to do the homework before you get to the exam! Our fave at the moment is Sex For One by Betty Dodson.