Pelvic Floor Exercises - The Aneros Syn was made by a medical team to help prostate owners practice pelvic floor contractions in order to reduce prostatitis (enlargement of the prostate). It worked! But an unknown side effect emerged...incredibly powerful orgasms!! Often with no penis stimulation at all!! Wow!!

The Syn is a beginner size - not much bigger than a large finger - and is designed to create pelvic floor contractions when you move. Experiment with it alone or have it inside you during sex. The  results are amazingly orgasmic. And then there's the health benefit. Do it. And don't forget the lube.


Tenga Eggs, Cups and Flip Holes - we just adore these Japanese masturbators! They're soft, squishy and made from the most incredibly textured elastomer - made to feel like a warm, juicy vagina. If you give yourself a lot of hand jobs, we recommend mixing it up with something softer. And you can cum inside them, rinse them out and re-use them. Win win!!


Edging - Edging is the practice of getting to the point of climax and then stopping all stimulation to delay ejaculation. Then begin masturbating again. Arouse, stop. Arouse, stop. Arouse, stop. When you do climax, it will be so much more powerful. Do it in front of a mirror and watch yourself explode:)


Lube - this might sound like a no brainer, but using this silicone lube while you masturbate will totally up your solo game. That's an absolute promise!


Write down your fantasies - if you're one to communicate and act out your fantasies then go you! 5 STARS! But for many of us, they remain in our minds as delicious, slow burners that we can access as we need. When you write them down though, magic happens! It enables you to learn about your wants and needs and it's a great way to start the all-important communication around sexuality, either with your current or future partners. It's all part of upping our communication game because the best relationships happen when we talk about what we want. And if you need some juicy inspiration, read Best Women's Erotica. It's great for penis owners too!

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