We never encourage zero to anal because that there needs some warming up folks!

That gorgeous arse of yours needs to be well primed and prepared so that you can have yourself the most explosive and wonderful experience of your life.

You may ask why you would want to put anything up there in the first place and I'll tell you why. Because of all the pleasure that's available from that part of your body! The anal area is rich with nerve endings that can bring about the most delightful sensations. If you're getting pleasure from the front, chances are you'll get as much or more from the back. So why would you not?

Experimenting with your own arse first gives you the best possibility of being a first-class anal enthusiast. And practicing solo anal play alone gives you the opportunity to be both the giver and the receiver, making you a better lover all 'round.

1. Lube

It really is your best friend and don't even consider any anal activity unless you have it by your side. We recommend Überlube (not the glass bottle for shower use) or Pjur for the best result.

2. Shower

Being warm and relaxed is the perfect time to prime yourself. Lube up your finger with with your Überlube or Pjur (water based will wash away) and just begin to swirl your finger around your anal canal. It is imperative that your nails are well filed.

3. Vibrator

Any kind of vibe will do - clitoral, internal or rabbit - just make sure it's in the shower with you. While you are exploring your butt, add some pussy or penis stimulation. And when you're nicely horny, bear down and insert your finger as far as is comfortable.

Bearing down is super important when putting anything in your butt. It's the only way to relax the anal sphincter so pretend you're going to do a poo to open the muscle and avoid the pain of forced entry.

4. Snug Plug

This sensational toy is brilliant because it provides three things. (We recommend Snug Plug Number 1 if you're new to anal play)

1. That 'snug' feeling of fullness in the body.

2. Pressure on the internal wall.

3. Weight to provide movement and awareness.

The reason sex why sex while wearing a butt plug is so wonderful is because it adds all of these sensations on top of everything else.

5. Movement & Pressure

With your Snug Plug in place, walk around, sit down, dance, have sex, use your vibrator and discover all the ways that extra tension and pressure will delight your senses beyond what you've ever experienced before.

Experiencing anal pleasure on your own first will ensure a better experience when you experience it with another.

Wait! There's more!

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