Whether you consider yourself a butt-stuff beginner or a carnal connoisseur, these four techniques might be just what you’re looking for to take your skills to the next level in the quest for better anal sex. 


1. Awaken the rosebud

The rosebud (or starfish) refers to the outer, puckered opening on the outside of the anal passage. Apply lots of lube to your fingers and your or your partner's rosebud. This is best begun when the receiver is already highly aroused and ready for action. Gently glide the fingers over the opening of the rosebud. Small, circular, massaging motions will activate and ignite the nerve endings.


2. Bear down

This is for the person receiving any kind of anal penetration: when you’re really feeling it and ready to accept a finger, toy or penis into your anal passage, gently push out or bear down. Pushing the penetration away with your sphincter may feel counter-intuitive, but the anal muscle will not open unless you do this. Once you’ve opened the door and anal penetration has occurred, slow movements are essential from the giver. In fact, it’s great to just partly penetrate and not move. Keep checking in with your partner. There’s no need to rush. 


3. Analingus and rimming

These activities involve using the tongue and lips to lick, suck and/or kiss the anus and anal passage for sexual satisfaction. It can be immensely pleasurable for the receiver. The important thing is to approach the act with enthusiasm and focus on the pleasure that you are giving. If the idea of performing oral in the anal area makes you squeamish, but you still want to give it a go, try keeping wipes on hand to clean the area, starting out in the shower, or you can use gloves, a condom, dental dams or latex undies as a barrier. These barrier methods are also a great way to protect against STDs across all types of anal play. 


4. Consider adding pegging to your practice

Before fulfilling any pegging fantasises, first acknowledge that it is advanced anal sex. Don’t skip any steps, or communication with this one.

Pegging is the act of anal penetration using a toy, which may or may not be strapped into a harness. The anal passage offers a universal opportunity for penetration regardless of your genital configuration. While traditionally it has been referred to as a sexual act involving a cis woman wearing a strap-on-dildo and penetrating a male partner, pegging is definitely an inclusive activity, for anyone curious about being penetrated or being the penetrateur. Fancy.

Preparation: As always, start from a place of consent, communication and negotiation. You will also need a harness, dildo, loads of lube, towels or throw, tissues, maybe the Liberator Wedge and a whole lotta anticipation.

Shopping for the perfect strap-on-harness and dildo is HOT, but it’s important to do your research. You may also consider giving yourself some love and adding a toy to stimulate other body parts. We recommend vibrators, cock rings, nipple clamps and/or spreader bars. The possibilities are endless...Keep your heart light and your mind open.

Now, go forth and read our Pegging 101 blog for intricate details.


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