To our darling sisters, the warriors of womankind, the guerrillas for our vaginas or the ruling queens in our all identifying sisterhood.

Today is for you.

A guest piece by activist and beloved Passionfruit family member, Chanelle Rogers.

For us at Passionfruit we are celebrating International Womens Day as an acknowledgement to our girl gang, both past and present, that make up our union of strength as a family, a unit, and a community.

But this feminist collective we are so grateful to have formed together doesn’t just include us, it includes every single one of you exceptional individuals who join us in store each week.

It is all of you as mothers, sisters and daughters, queer, straight, gender neutral lovers and friends, women of colour, activists, supporters and survivors, the less able and the ones made invisible, that make up the voices in our movement towards a strong, constantly growing and diverse girl gang that we strive and hope to be.

Now we don’t want you to just stop at us, you tenaciously fierce Heroines. The force of girl gangs can be found anywhere.  There is a fight out there that we have to win together.

The global community of womanhood is broad and diverse, our cultures and experiences vary far and wide and with that comes the crucial need to keep our minds constantly open for each of us to be included and heard. In this stifling world of conflict it is so easy to feel that you are outnumbered. Not in our girl gang. We are standing right behind you with the soapbox ready to go. What didn’t stop the Militant Womens Group of The Communist Party in 1928 in Sydney, won’t stop us now.

We may not have matching pink lady jackets, but we have the shared honourary passion to stand by our sisters and see into this world together, linked arms, and our vibrators held high. International Womens Day carries a legacy of such unconditional bravery that remains in the path for equality for all of us, and as a gang we walk together.

When sexist, misogynist, racist, prejudice bigots attack – We fight back. And hell, do we fight.

We will be joining the ranks at todays march from 5:30pm outside Parliament, as well as live streaming as we go. We would love to see you there. For more details:


Main Picture : International Women's Day in Melbourne, 1975. Image owned by the National Library of Australia.