(OF COURSE WE DON'T ENDORSE SMOKING!! Only the 'my body is on fire' kind.)


After pleasuring your lover for at least 30 minutes, it's time to punish them with some expert thrusting.

In the missionary position with the legs wide and beckoning, keep your concentration and thrust as follows:

- 9 shallow, 1 deep

- 8 shallow, 2 deep

- 7 shallow, 3 deep etc. until 1 shallow, 9 deep.

And then reverse:

- 9 deep, 1 shallow

- 8 deep, 2 shallow etc.

This is wonderful for prolonged ecstasy as it massages almost all the erogenous zones of the penis and vagina.


Stretch the external skin on the pubic bone and just above the clitoris toward the navel whilst stimulating the clit and labia with a well moistened finger or tongue.

Alternate the stretch with pressing the skin in the opposite direction towards the clitoris once in a while.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


As orgasm approaches, ease off a little and tease. Keep the stimulation to a level that is high but not to the point of no return.

Conversely, don't ease off to the point where arousal is ebbing or your lover is yawning.

Repeat this as many times as you dare and they'll be screaming for release!

And what a release.


This is best done when at least semi-erect and is therefore great for penises that don't always maintain or achieve full erection.

Have your partner lie down on the stomach with their eyes closed.

Gently rub your cock back and forth across the back of the knee.

Grabbing the ankle, gently bend towards the knee creating a crease and thrust into the crease. Do both legs. Massage the bottoms of the feet, calves and backs of thighs towards the buttocks.

Continue with the insides of the elbows, palms, forearms, upper arms and armpits. Progress to the nape of the neck, collarbone, up and down the spine, etc.

Ask your partner to flip over and gently caress the forehead, eyes, nose, ears and chin with your cock. Rub the penis, feather-light, across the lips...

The rest is up to you, and if you wish to continue the tease, the breasts and nipples, abdomen, hips and beyond are all fantastic!


It's not called 'screwing' for nothing!

Rotate your hips, and ideally the sacrum, to actually 'screw' during your lovemaking.

This allows the penis to stimulate all the walls of the vagina and the rocking motion helps to channel the energy up through the spine.

Put on some rockin' music and you'll both be transported to paradise (or a sexy smoke-filled den in New Orleans).

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