The year? 2022. The day? March 8th. And women STILL aren’t being treated as equals across so many important facets of our lives. Today marks the 11th anniversary of International Women's Day (March 8), a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, and address barriers that continue to perpetuate inequality.

While there’s plenty for us to be stressed, sad, and utterly enraged about, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate some incredible figures abroad and around the corner, that are catalysing positive change on behalf of women everywhere.

Content warning: This article contains references about sexual harassment and assault.

Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman-Lu, Founders of Dame Products

Besides developing the most crowd-funded sex toy in the history of the world, this duo is responsible for 10 million orgasms and counting. Their company, Dame, is changing perceptions and lifting the standards of our tools for wellness; reframing the conversation around shame-free pleasure. 

We love their energy because they’re actively taking sex toys from being perceived as taboo to good for you, deepening connections with your self and others. Their toys provide a less cis-male centric view of sex and pleasure, and encourage women everywhere to embrace feeling good about their sensuality. Check out this Forbes interview with CEO, Alex Fine for a deeper dive into their brand

Ti Chang, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at Crave

You might know Ti Chang for her informative and entertaining social presence or for her delectably discreet design, like the Vesper. Ti is the industrial design brains behind Crave, a company specialising in pleasure products that look as good as they feel. As an innovator, entrepreneur and advocate for women and young designers, Chang is not only making products that put women first, she’s fostering change within the design industries; co-founding an organisation called Design AllyShip.

“As an Asian-immigrant, I want to do as much as I can to combat the racism and gender bias that runs deep in [the US], particularly in the design community where designers can create new products and experiences that impact our society in a profound way.” - Ti Chang, Ladies Who Launch

Ti Chang shows us how design ‘enables us to be sensitive to social issues, improve lives, and moves us towards the betterment of humanity’ – and how to enact change from the C-suite.

Grace Tame, Survivor, Activist, Australian of the Year 2021

Grace Tame is championing change when it comes to the way we talk about and deal with child sexual abuse and harassment. As a survivor, Grace has helped lead the fight to overturn a law preventing sexual assault survivors from speaking out. Demonstrating courage, conviction and, well, grace, Tame is focused on empowering survivors, through education and communication as a primary means of prevention. This year, Grace has united with fellow activists, including Brittany Higgins, Chanel Contos, and Christine Holgate, to promote safety, respect and equity for all women. View their powerful statement and join the movement.

Listen to Grace Tame’s extraordinary Australian of the year acceptance speech or tune-into her impactful address to the National Press Club.

Georgie Stone, Actress, Writer, Transgender Rights Advocate, ​​Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Gender Service Ambassador, Medal of the Order of Australia Recipient OAM

You may have known her as Mckenzie Hargreaves from Neighbours, but Georgie Stone is more than an Aussie actress; she’s an advocate for transgender youth. With her landmark case in the Family Court of Australia, Georgie Stone has helped change the law around access to the first stage of medical treatment for transgender adolescents and improved medical outcomes for trans youth throughout Australia. 

Her advocacy work and personal story has created meaningful change in both medical and educational environments. By sharing her experiences and insights across mainstream media, Georgie has provided a platform for gender diverse adolescents to be seen, represented and heard in a way that hasn’t been accomplished before on Aussie screens. And while Neighbours is officially coming to a close, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Georgie. 

Ev’Yan Whitney, Sexuality Doula®, Somatic Practitioner, and Sensualist

Passionfruit pleasure coach, facilitator and author Euphemia Russell first put us on to this phenomenal figure; Ev’Yan Whitney. Whitney is a sexuality doula®, facilitator, sensualist and author that specialises in the pursuit of pleasure through self reflection. Focused on decolonising, unshaming, and liberating sexuality at the intersection of identity, Ev’Yan helps people reclaim their sexual expressions and reconnect to their sensual bodies. 

We adore her approach because it removes the pressure and projections often associated with sex, and encourages us to look deeper into our own personal experiences and expressions. Sounds good right? Tune into Ev’Yan Whtiney’s Sensual Self podcast and ‘luxuriate in the pleasures of your body’. 

Fiona Patten, Reason Party leader and member for Melbourne’s Northern Metropolitan Region

Fiona Patten is no stranger to dismantling outdated systems. She has advocated for the decriminalisation of sex work in Victoria, opposed the Religious Discrimination Bill, and pushed for the use of medicinal cannabis in reducing the number of emergency admissions for endometriosis sufferers. Today, Patten has tabled a bill to decriminalise drug use and the possession of small quantities. This bill is designed to put health first and prevent the path of incarceration for many. 

Arresting people imprisoning people for using or possessing small quantities of drugs does not reduce drug use in our society – it does make it tougher [and] does make it worse for some people that really need help, and this will hopefully change that. – Fiona Patten, ABC News Mornings with Virginia Trioli (18 Feb, 2021)

Patten is making headway for women, for families and for gender diverse communities at a parliamentary level, making sure our voices are heard and that our fundamental rights are being fought for every single day. We’re a big fan, because Fiona’s turning talk into action and we love to see it.

Do you know a remarkable woman? ARE you a remarkable woman? (Yes and yes.) Then shout it from the digital rooftops! Let’s take this cue to put our health, happiness and pleasure first. 

With drips like Trump, Putin, and Kim clamouring for world domination, can you imagine what our world would look like if women ran the show? Tell us in the comments below.


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