Whenever we open our social media it seems there is another local erotic artist to captivate and arouse us out of our reverie.

We wanted to spread the love to you and hopefully in doing so, support these vibrant, talented members of our community.

So we created PLEAS. - Passionfruit Local Erotic Art Series.

We are very excited to be supporting KIMBERLEY MANNING, a fabulous Sydney artist who creates exquisite paintings and pencil drawings of individuals and couples in the throes of ecstasy. Much of Kimberley's inspiration comes from pornography and finding a way to make it beautiful and meaningful.


Kim explores the idea that the hyper-real and over-saturated world of hardcore porn makes it quite easy for viewers to disassociate with what they are watching.

As a way of combating this, she depicts semi abstracted tableaux that are rife with passion, intimacy and vulnerability, creating a sense of seduction and encouraging the viewer to complete the story.

"Through art we can hint at an idea and offer an erotic tableaux. The rest is left to our imagination and thus, we can be seduced. There is no room for imagination or seduction when viewing contemporary pornography." Kim

Kimberley works as a full-time artist from her home studio in Sydney's inner west. She has a Bachelor of Visual Art, graduating with first class honors from Sydney College of the Arts and has been involved in solo and group exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne.

And in a very exciting development, she was personally contacted by Cooper Hefner recently, to have her work featured in the relaunch of Playboy's website. (Although she had to check a multitude of times to make sure it was really him!)

Kimberley's limited edition prints are available HERE and in-store now for a short time only.



GREG TAYLOR - The first artist we showcased was Greg Taylor who we commissioned to take a 'Cunt Portrait' which was then turned into a Cunt Soap that is available to you all. Read the blog here.


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