Possibly the most novel of kinky accoutrements due to its common use as an accessory to a killer outfit, the crop nevertheless, is a staple in any kinkster toolbox and has a myriad of erotic uses. A crop puts the user in control and says 'I'm the boss'.

Image source: Mistress Connie

When the user is an inexperienced wielder of spankers, we would recommend a crop or a paddle over a whip or flogger, due to its unerring ability to hit the ‘right’ spot (arse cheeks, perineum) as opposed to the ‘wrong’ spot (kidneys, tail bone).

Here are our top 6 TOP TIPS for crop use.

1. With your partner blindfolded, clap your heels loudly across the floorboards whilst slapping the crop into your palm. The erotic imagination will go into overdrive.

Image source: Josselin Guichard

2. You can use a crop in a very sensual way too, by running the tip across your lover’s arms, lips, nipples, thighs and torso.

Image source: Unknown

3. To warm up your lover’s tush, place rapid but gentle whacks on the arse cheeks. This is a wonderful sensation and feels suitably kinky without the pain. Bent over a chair in a beautiful, submissive position is utter delight for both parties.

Image Source: Passionfruit

4. Intersperse those rapid, light motions with harder ones, all the time checking in with your lover if the feeling is either Keep Going! (you can use the word 'Green'), Slow Down! ('Amber') or Stop! ('Red'). We like the traffic light analogy here.

5. You don’t have to limit your play to the flat end of the crop. You can use the length in the same way you use a cane, for more intense sensation or even the handle for a different feel.

6. A crop isn’t just for the arse. Try those light, rapid strokes on the

  • Clitoris - wow!
  • Labia - this can ‘wake up’ the clitoral arms that extend under the vulva
  • Nipples
  • Perineum (keep the balls away with your hand). The prostate can be indirectly pleasured this way and it’s a great way to mix up your hand-job technique.
  • Feet - only smack the ball and heel, never the top of the foot or the in-step. Foot fetishists love this! You could even start with a foot massage and go from there.
  • Cock - have your lover hold the balls (so they don't get in the way) and then tap the cock along the length.

Image source: Dita von Teese

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