Today we’re launching May Masturbation Month at Passionfruit and we're so excited to announce that we have collaborated with Christine Yahya of @pink_bits who has created a limited edition exclusive print for us as well as gorgeous, luscious digital banners to inspire you over Masturbation May.  We’d love you all to come on an intimate journey with us to learn to love yourself, feel yourself and be kind to yourself.

We at Passionfruit believe that masturbation is one of the most powerful tools for sexual growth. The better you are at pleasuring yourself, the more chance you’ve got of someone else pleasuring you too. AND the better you will be at giving pleasure to others.

The act of self love relieves anxiety, depression, boredom and can be viewed, we believe, as A RADICAL FEMINIST ACT. It's how we can smash the narrative of women having to hide the fact that they love sex and pleasure so that they really can finally, wholeheartedly, enjoy it.

Sign up for our online 'Prioritise Your Pleasure' workshop on May 2nd with Euphemia, check out @pink_bits gorgeous exclusive print and we're sending @pink_bits stickers out with all our orders throughout the month of May. Just use the code PINKBITS at checkout.

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