Last week we gave Anna the challenge of daily mindful touching. This 10 minute exercise is designed to help reconnect the busy brain with the patiently waiting body. Read how to do this exercise here.

We ask Anna for her reflections on trying this activity every day (or, the 'too busy for toast' breathing exercise to substitute it with).

So - what happened? Did you do both challenges every day?

Unfortunately not, we were both barely home this week, and were super exhausted when we did have a moment at home. Its been a big week! However, we did have one great night of relaxing home alone time, and got straight to the mindful touching challenge on level 10 as soon as we had the chance.

I had a few small goes at the lite challenge throughout the week in between running about. It was really great for slowing down for just a moment, especially if you're going to be waiting around for a computer or tram anyway.
How did you find doing the challenges? Any specific feelings or moments you'd like to highlight?
We loved it. It was so wonderful taking the time to slow down, relax, focus on breathing, and feeling my fingers run over my body. It was even better knowing I had a really excited person next to me also focusing on everything I was doing. I invited him to join in once I couldn't wait any longer. It was very sexy and very fun.
Where to from now? Are the activities something you will keep doing or has it inspired you to try anything else?

I really would like to try make the solo mindful touching challenge a regular occurrence. I use mindfulness techniques often to tackle stress or sleep problems, so this would be a great one to add to the repertoire. I'll get Harry to try it out by himself too. I'd also see how much more I can slow it down next time in our level 10 version.

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