Tantra Melbourne Workshops

One-day tantra massage intensives for couples and individuals ready to enhance their sensual, spiritual and emotional connections with each other and themselves. Taught by an expert, with over a decade of experience, learn how to enliven, intensify and strengthen your erotic connections. 

You know yourself well and have formed a valuable connection with your lover(s). So, why do you still find yourself caught up in external stressors, expectations and the digital detachment of everyday life?

You may enjoy a healthy sex life and sense of self, but you can’t help but wonder if there’s more to be discovered when it comes to sexuality and spirituality; sensuality beyond stimulation. We’ve met our share of folks that love sex, but desire a deeper, more genuine connection with both their own bodies and emotions as well as their partners’. A connection that tantra, famously intensifies.


Stop me if this sounds familiar:

  • you think sex should come naturally
  • you (and/or your lover) are sceptical of anything spiritual or ‘woo woo’
  • you prefer to stick to what you know
  • you feel like you should know your body (or your partner’s) by now
  • you think tantra is reserved for the spiritually or sexually-experienced
  • you’re afraid to try something new
  • you’re too nervous or too shy to ask anyone about tantra

Imagine that, after just one Melbourne tantra workshop, you…

  • are a natural at tantric massage
  • develop a deeper level of fulfilment
  • intensify your intimacy with yourself and others
  • amplify your pleasure in the bedroom
  • explore sensations that invite the body into sensual bliss
  • arouse and electrify your lover(s) through their erogenous zones
  • approach sexuality holistically beyond health issues and rehabilitation

Yeah. A tantra workshop right here in Melbourne can help you do that.

Melbourne Tantra Workshop

For couples looking to explore Tantra Melbourne in a fun and safe environment.

  • Two-hour intensive workshop
  • Limited to 7 couples per class
  • Designed for couples, of all sexualities, bodies, gender expressions and levels of understanding

Meet Carol, your skilled tantra instructor.

Carol Mikhael is a qualified somatic sexologist. Passionate about sexual education, Carol has taught and practised tantra in Melbourne for over a decade, facilitating Passionfruit workshops including: The Art of Lingam Massage, Anal Play for Singles and Couples, and the Fellatio Masterclass. 

Melbourne Tantra Coach Carol Mikhael

Testimonials from Melbourne Tantra Alumni

"Great tutor and wonderful to be put back into our bodies, when so much of the focus is on the mental/digital. Blindfold exercise particularly effective in doing that."

"LOVED the blindfold exercise."

"I adored everything, especially engaging with my partner - even sharing a strawberry."

What is tantra, anyway?

Deeply intertwined with Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, tantra has origins in ancient Indian spiritual traditions. With roots dating back over 5,000 years, the practice emphasises the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives.

While often associated with sexuality, tantra is a comprehensive practice that extends beyond the bedroom. It includes rituals, breathwork, and meditation, aiming to harness and elevate one's life-force energy.

Tantra isn't just a set of sexy techniques; it's a lifestyle promoting mindfulness. Practitioners focus on being fully present in each moment, fostering self-awareness, and cultivating a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Hot.

The Benefits of Tantra

(For the sceptical folks in the back.)

Tantra Increases Intimiacy

Your tantric practises can lead to increased levels of intimacy and satisfaction in relationships. Techniques such as eye-gazing and synchronised breathing have been known to contribute to a heightened sense of connection.

Open Up With Tantra

Regular practice has been linked to an improved EQ, with students developing a better understanding of their own emotions and an enhanced ability to empathise with others – including their lovers.

Tantra Increase Wellbeing

Beyond the spiritual, tantra positively impacts your holistic wellbeing. The practice often involves some light physical movement, contributing to your overall flexibility, mobility and vitality.

Seeking a tantric alternative?

Check out some of our recommended practitioners working within similar spaces.

  • Caitlyn Cook (tailored 1:1 somatic nervous system healing, all genders, couples or singles)
  • Adventurous Touch and Intimacy (male pleasure educator, couples and singles)
  • Tantric Touch Massage (offering tantric massage services to all genders)

    Please note: Passionfruit refers workshops, classes and practitioners that come with a positive recommendation from at least two of our pleasure educators. Of course, each will appeal to different people. Please remember to always do your research before attending to make sure it's what you're after.