When founder of La Fille d'O Murielle Victorine Scherre and Sébastien Meunier (ex Martin Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester) got together, they decided to revolutionise lingerie by designing it not only for women, but for all humans, regardless of gender, size, or stage of transition or development. WOW!

If you've ever been lucky enough to own a La Fille d'O piece, you will appreciate the complex design elements they manage to incorporate into seemingly simple pieces. What looks like an uncomplicated piece of sheer finery manages to support, stretch, hold, adjust and yet maintain style with a bit of raunch.

Murielle was noticing more non-binary customers in her store who appreciated the aesthetic but the fit wasn't designed for their bodies. "Lingerie might be the most gendered item in our wardrobe, and it was time to change that" says Murielle. After all, shouldn't what we wear be as true to our expression of self as possible?

Murielle is a passionate believer in lingerie not just as support for your bits but for your life.

"I don’t want to be the brand you think of only when you need an attire for private occasions, I want to be able to support you when you are nursing your newborn baby, and while you recover from a mastectomy, and when you can experience your body for the first time after a gender affirming procedure. I want to be the brand you can reach for when you are working on a performance and you need the perfect costume for your alter ego. I want to be the brand you turn to when you need to feel at home in every single part of your body."

The range has been made to fit up to a size 13 and much of it is reversible to accommodate a range of styling options. If you have had a mastectomy or are transitioning, you can find pieces that are wearable on their own or styled with other pieces to either cover, expose or a mix of both.

Rarely does the lingerie industry undergo radical change. Underwear in a department store is pretty boring and binary in my view and with all the progress we've made in technology, it's still pretty hard to find comfy, beautiful underwear.

"I want lingerie out of the unmentionables department; I want it liberated from gender. Our clothes should be liberated from department [store] floors where one has to choose between men’s or women’s wear, or lingerie or swimwear. Get yourself briefs that can do, and be, both."

Come and check out the range now. I'm wearing it under and over my clothes, by the pool and in the bedroom. So many options!

*Quotes from Vogue Runway interview with Murielle Victorine Scherre



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