1. Le Wand Chromes 

Oh my, oh my we haven't drooled this much over a toy range since, well, EVER! While their shapes aren't revolutionary, their weight is. These are the pleasure toy equivalent of haute couture.

2. Nös

Within a sea of gauche, ineffective cock rings, emerges the most elegant and perfect of them all. This design is compact, stretchy and feature two individual motored nubs. So when they're pointing outwards, your partner can also enjoy delicious, dual-powered stimulation.

3. Ziggy

This might very well be the most inclusive, thoughtful and accessible sex toy we've ever seen. An all over body sensation! Congratulations to Perth-based founders, Luddi™, for creating such an innovative pleasure toy.

4. Dildolls

Part dildo, part gorgeously glittery doll. Now that we have them, we wonder what we ever did without them. Glittery dildos forever!!

5. Sportsheets

Functional yet whimsical, we love, love, love their dildo range + colourful lil' cushions for pushin'.

6. Le Wand Massagers + Hats

Vibrating wands are definitely having their day in the sun - hence the 'hats'! There's a style to suit every taste and the attachments provide so much versatility for pleasure seekers and their partners.

7. Verge

This one's an oldie but a goodie, and we've hacked it to kingdom cum! Wear it as a cock and ball ring or with a strap-on harness - either for the giver or the receiver.

8. Voy

Can you imagine? A customisable pressure toy for the penis – who would have guessed? The Arcwave Voy tops our list for bringing a little innovation to a category in need of a little disruption.

9. Lucy Lube

Sure, it's not a toy but it's toy-adjacent. From our very own Melbourne backyard comes a water-based lubricant that is flawless, with minimal ingredients to match your own lubrication. Genius.

10. Pom

Soft, plush, powerful. It's our most popular toy for good reason. Perfection.

And one more for good measure 'cause we can't forget your butt!

11. Cocktail

Butt and vagina, butt and clit, vagina and clit, vagina and clit while you're wearing a strap on. Every which way is a revelation with this machine that could make a mixologist weep.

But, don't let us stop you. Have a few recommendations that didn't make our list? Let us know and we'll pitch it to our discerning pleasure panel.