We asked Evana de Lune to review Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century (second edition) and she's done an absolutely ripping job of it!

Evana De Lune is a Melbourne based burlesque performer, model, lingerie aficionado, avid reader and all 'round delightful human (with a penchant for the subversive). Check out her fabulous instagram page here.


The first time I heard about tantra, I was a young 20 year old ready to explore all things sex. I learned things about breath play, focusing with intention, handsfree good times and sex magic. Now I am 25, and it’s taken me this long to get the proper sex education I wish I received in high school, and I found it in a book.

The book Urban Tantra - sacred sex for the twenty first century (Second Edition) has revolutionised the way that I thought about sex.

This book effortlessly takes you through the basics of tantra such as breathing, mindsets, affirmations, giving and receiving ecstasy, chakras and more. My personal favourite of the first part of the book being 20 minutes conscious quickies. Who doesn’t need a quick reset to turn your day into pure bliss?

I myself have a background in Wiccan culture and have used sex magic in my bedroom many times. Grounding, connecting and breathing are all things I have used to focus my energies to create… bigger outcomes. In Urban Tantra, it gives you the opportunity to reflect and realise that you can use sex magic to heal just about anything! I will definitely be putting down the Panadol and putting the skills I have learnt to good use.

My favourite part about this whole book is it’s sections dedicated for trans and Gender-nonconforfming people. It’s focus on genitals (including their shape and style) not defining gender was very refreshing for a new sex explorative novel. This second edition is a necessity as it finally includes vital information towards previously undisclosed genders and gives great insight towards enhancing non-binary sex. All of my wonderful LGBTQIA+ friends should find comfort in the fact that there is a sex book for you (even people who are asexual can find ecstasy in tantra).

This book also touches on BDSM in tantric relationships which I found quite positive. The closest I have ever come to a tantric experience without trying had always been through BDSM relationships, as they too have the ability to create altered states of consciousness and intense states of arousal. This author explains how tantra can be used in a BDSM scene (including many tips, tricks and suggestions worth exploring) and even begins this chapter with a humorous anecdote about finding pleasure through pain.

This book was an out of this world pleasure to read and has revolutionised my sex life.

It is destined to fall into the hands of anyone who wants more out of their sex, relationships and lives. Tantra has the ability to change your mindset and practice self love on a conscious level.

I invite you to enlighten yourself and your knowledge of sex as you know it, and explore Urban Tantra.

Evana de Lune :)