Whenever we open our social media it seems there is another local erotic artist to captivate and arouse us out of our reverie.

We wanted to spread the love to you and hopefully in doing so, support these vibrant, talented members of our community.

So we created PLEAS. - Passionfruit Local Erotic Art Series.

Greg Taylor is the first artist we are showcasing. We commissioned him to take a 'Cunt Portrait' which was then turned into a Cunt Soap that is available to you all.


You may know Greg work from his exhibition 'Cunts & other conversations..' at MONA in Tasmania. To express his indignation that the most beautiful part of the body was also the most reviled (indicated by the word 'cunt' being the most offensive word in the English language) he sat before hundreds of vulvas and painstakingly sculpted their vulvas into exquisite works of art.

His exhibition has been the most commented upon series at MONA.

Also as part of the PLEAS. Project, Greg Taylor has set up a studio at Passionfruit and is offering all of you the chance to have your own 'Cunt Portrait' taken. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to immortalise your precious vulva and share it with the world (or just your lover).


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