Can you get *intimate* while wearing a menstrual cup? What should you do if your current cup is a little uncomfortable? And what about lube?! These are just some of the common questions we receive about menstrual cups every day. Learn all about menstrual cup types, fit, sizing and quality in this video featuring Passionfruit educator Tori. 

About the Menstrual Cups Series

According to UNICEF, around 1.8 billion people worldwide menstruate every month. Yet, this topic is still considered taboo in most conversation circles. This Passionfruit series is designed to help bring menstruation into the mainstream, improving access to information, tips and advice on the products and options available for those that menstruate.

Products mentioned and featured in this video include (in order of appearance):

Fun Factory –  Fun Cups

JimmyJane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups 

Intimina – Ziggy Cup

Sliquid Naturals H2O Water Based Lube (Various Sizes)

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