Hi Michelle!

I struggle with post-orgasm not-bliss. A come-down, if you will pardon the pun. I hear of other vulva-owners who can orgasm again and again, but after I'm done, I'm DONE, and entirely disinterested in self or partner intimacy for hours afterwards. How can I keep things going? I'm interested in being interested.


My initial reaction to your question Thanks! was, why worry? You're blissed out and ready to sleep! Who cares? You've had your orgasm so yay! What's not to love? But your question kept pestering me all week and I felt like I was privately being dismissive of your conundrum which is not my jam!

And that's when it hit me! This is the perfect time for some (more) action!

After your orgasm, your vulva and vagina are still engorged and swollen for several minutes. Pleasure awaits! Take advantage now!

Before pussy goes back to resting bitch face.

This is the time to go for the G-Spot! Sooo heavenly right now! Get your partner to insert 1 or 2 fingers, bend them to the front wall of the vagina and use some finger strength to really stroke the swollen tissue. The skin there usually feels different to the rest of the vaginal wall - more textured.

Use deep breathing to relax yourself while your body is simultaneously responding to more stimulus. If you can, use a G-spot vibrator and really angle it back and forth on the g-spot - as though you're penetrating yourself backwards and forwards rather than in and out. We LOVE the Sassy, Drift, Mona and Rave or Arc.

Multiple orgasms take a little practice so start working out what works for your body. The clit is often too sensitive post sex so try g-spot, butt, nipple and fantasy building - maybe some dirty talk and ear nibbling - whatever works. I highly recommend practicing on your own too :) Either that or enjoy a blissful, post-orgasmic sleep.

Much love and good vibes,

Michelle xxx

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