Welcome to your Comprehensive P-Spot Pleasure guide! How do I locate the prostate? What does it feel like to receive and give prostate pleasure? 

We've included four levels of prostate play exercises for you to try.


What is the prostate and what does it do?

The prostate is a gland, generally found in people assigned male at birth (AMAB), that makes semen; the fluid that transports sperm as ejaculate. For more specific, scientific diagrams (to help you locate the prostate) check out Oh Joy Sex Toy (the pictures are a tad explicit #NSFW but in jazzy cartoon format!)

2D Diagram Showing How To Find and massage The Prostate Gland
3D Diagram Showing Where is The Prostate Gland

Where is the prostate located?

It's located about 2-3 inches inside the rectum. The easiest way to 'say hello' to it for the first time is with a gloved hand (we love black, nitrile gloves), a lot of lube and slow stroking motions (stroke it, don't poke it!). It is about the size of a walnut, but until fully engorged from uber-arousal, it will feel more like a kidney bean.


What does prostate massage feel like?

This is a very informative article from Bustle about how it feels for someone trying prostate play with their partner for the first time. And then one from Broadly with saucy quotes from recipients.


Why can rubbing the prostate feel pleasurable?

This elusive erogenous zone is made up of similar nerve endings as the g-spot, only in a different configuration. Folks that enjoy prostate play, often report that they are capable of having waves of multiple orgasms through this kind of stimulation. 


Is prostate massage good for your health?

Orgasm through the prostate may protect against prostatitis; a precursor to prostate cancer. Stronger, more frequent orgasms can also buffer against mental health issues and support your overall wellbeing.


There are also anecdotal empathic effects from the act of receiving and giving internal prostate pleasure. Sex educator Charlie Glickman argues this one in his essay "How pegging can help save the world" If you are used to penetrating your lovers rather than being penetrated yourself, you get to experience life on the other side!


So want to protect your long-term health, have multiple orgasms and be a better lover? 

How do I find the prostate and show it a good time?


Level 1 - First put down a towel (or for the connoisseurs, a Liberator Throw). Encourage your partner to assume the position, laying on their back with their legs spread apart. Put a glove on, lubricate generously, then warm up with circles around the outside of the anus, and if comfortable, a little on the inside. Talk through how it feels if you're doing this with a partner. Click here to watch a short video.


Level 2 - Wearing a glove, lubricate and ease your finger inside, rocking back and forth around the prostate using a ‘come-hither’ stroking motion (rather than thrusting). Talk through how it feels.


Level 3 - Consider adding a toy designed for prostate play to your practice, in the same come-hither motion. Make sure it's clean and use plenty of water-based lubricant if it’s made of silicone. Have a partner use the toy on you or use it yourself. Remember, vibration increases blood flow and sensation, which can result in a stronger orgasm. 


Level 4 - While you're blissing-out on what's happening around the back, you might lose firmness in the front if you have a penis. This has less to do with your level of arousal and more to do with your pleasure being centred elsewhere. Sometimes the massaging of the prostate is so intensely pleasurable, that prostatic fluid emerges from the urethra and you may ejaculate without an erection.

Pro Prostate Tip

If you want to double your pleasure, simultaneously stimulate the penis with a blow job, hand job or sex toy such as the Manta, Nõs Vibrating Cock Ring or Pulse Solo. Soooo badass!!

Now, go forth (gently) and prosper.