Are you looking to upgrade your sex life?

Over the next three weeks we are giving out sexuality challenges. Real life experiments to try alone or with a partner to improve your self-knowledge.

We will follow the story of one couple from the Passionfruit Tribe - Anna and Harry - as they trial the challenges and encourage you to join in too.

Anna is a 25 year old freelance designer living in Melbourne with her partner Harry and two other housemates. She is dealing with what she describes as "huuuuuuge libido issues". She wants to have more sex with Harry but then when it gets down to it she doesn't fell in the mood. They've been together five years and the last two in particular have been a slippery slope into sexual rutsville. She went freelance around that time and the added stress and changes to her body from the lifestyle switch have had a toll on their sex life. They are both open-minded people who love their relationship and want to try something to get the physical intimacy back. 

This week we are recommending the following two exercises for them to try in order to experiment with building sexual confidence. We will check in with them on Friday to see how they did and what they learnt and report back to you on Sunday!

Challenge One : Make a list of new sexual beliefs and say them to yourself every morning.

Step one - take a piece of paper and draw a line down the centre. In the first column write down what your mind is currently telling you in sexual scenarios or when you think about sex. For example it might things like "I need to tone up before I can feel sexy" "sex makes me nervous" whatever resonates with you currently. 
Step two - in the second column write down a preferred set of beliefs to counter the first ones that make you feel really bloody awesome! For example "Sexy is a state of mind, I am a sexy creature" "sex is delicious and I love giving and receiving pleasure from my partner" (use whatever language suits you)
Step three - say these new beliefs to yourself every morning, either read them in your head from the piece of paper over coffee or for Level 5 impact say them to yourself in front of the mirror every day (extra bonus points if you can do it naked!)

Challenge Two : Send a complimentary sexy-text to your partner every day (and have them send one back).

Step one - watch this video together on how to construct a dirty text. Be playful with this and think about genuine attributes about your partner that you do find super attractive about them but might not have voiced in a while.
Step two - make the commitment together to try sending at least one to each other every day. This might end up in fits of giggles by the end of the week, that's also great, the point is just to give it a crack and get creative.


If you would like to also take part in both or just one of these Confidence Challenges please sign up here and we will be in touch with a quick self-reflection survey at the end of the week.

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