Cute Little Fuckers are a range of adorable, unique and gender inclusive sex toys that first hit the market in 2018. Gender diverse creator Step felt that the market was lacking personal, fun and gender inclusive toys so created CLF to see their unique dreams for what self pleasure could be come true. Passionfruit staff member Finula got in touch with Step to discuss CLF, the importance of gender diverse sex toys, some roadblocks on their journey to fruition and much more! 


Finula - Prior to establishing Cute Little Fuckers, how did you feel about the lack of genderless toys and gender inclusive marketing in the world of sex toys?

Step -
Can I just say bad? Haha. As a genderfluid individual it was abundantly clear how much this was sorely missing. And not just for gender- funky people; I feel like so many of my friends across the gender spectrum had challenges finding toys that weren’t trying to put them in some kind of box that didn’t feel good.


Finula - Do you feel that in creating genderless sex toys, it can allow one to establish a stronger bond with the act of purely self-pleasure rather than trying to recreate or mimic sex?

Step - Yes, I feel like a number of people absolutely have that experience. One of the things I love about our toys is that they allow people to play and explore their bodies in all sorts of new and fun ways. This can help us connect more with our sense of self and learn about the desires we truly have, rather than just the ones we feel like we’re supposed to.        

Finula - Why do you think that it is important to develop genderless toys that can create pleasure for all bodies?

Step - Because all bodies are different! Different shapes and sizes and different things that feel good and different things that don’t. When you break out of the idea of designing toys for specific uses on only specific bodies, you open up a whole new realm of possibilities for pleasure that include a lot more people. So many companies design toys based on how society expects us to work. We make toys that help you discover and love what is truly you.


Finula - Why do you think the sex toy industry is still so consumed with heteronormativity and phallic representation? If you were to see the industry depart from this focus, what do you think that would look like?

Step - We live in a world that is very afraid of our sexualities. And on a large part the toy industry has been following that, even exploiting it. It’s surprising in this day and age how many people in the industry I’ve heard who refer to sex toys as selling a vice, as if they were something to feel ashamed of. The world is changing and realizing that sexuality is an amazing and healing part of the human experience. As the industry embraces this more, I think we are going to see a lot more creativity and fun in the toy world. I think these highly gendered norms are going to fall away, or at least soften up a fair bit, and create a lot more space for people to feel good about their sex.


Finula - What was your inspiration for developing a range of genderless sex toys? What were your biggest drawbacks during its development? 

Step - The biggest inspiration was by far myself and my community. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’d hear my friends complaining about sex toys. They were funny conversations, but people always got riled up about it, so eventually I got curious beyond what wasn’t working, about what might be better instead. 

The biggest drawbacks were really systemic. It’s crazy how many roadblocks there still are to creating sex- related businesses on a financial and institutional level. Banks and credit card companies denied working with us, and when covid hit, we couldn’t get any financial relief from the government. Even from the beginning we had to fight tooth and nail to convince Kickstarter to finally let us on their platform. It honestly makes me sad how scared people are of their bodies. I hope we can change that.

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