Have an orgasm with a vibrator like the Womanizer and keep it on your clitoris for as long as you can while you're climaxing. How many seconds/minutes can you manage before you take it off?


Have an orgasm or two first and then follow it up by penetrating yourself with a curved wand to push against your G-spot.  Add more clitoral stimulation if you like. The G-spot responds well to an engorged vaginal wall and the more you try, the more you'll learn about that elusive spongy area around the vaginal front wall.


Stimulate yourself in a new way. If you usually use a vibrator, try a dildo and/or butt plug instead and add some finger play too. Experiment with a warmed up or cold toy instead of room temperature, add some nipple clamps with a chain and give them a pull, make REALLY LOUD NOISES. How does it make you feel?


Masturbate in front of a mirror and watch your pupils intensely. What do they look like?


Dab a drop of On For Her on your clitoris before you do your supermarket shopping. Or if romance is your thing, take yourself on a picnic and enjoy the sensuality of nature. Wear a snug plug or a remote control clitoral stimulator next time you're out and about. How did it change your day?

Artwork by Christine Yahya of Pink Bits

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