After decades of sexual pleasure devices focused primarily on vibration, sex toy manufacturer Womanizer blew our minds (and our genitals) by introducing air pressure technology. This wondrous, nerve-stimulating technology almost makes us forgive their terrible name. However, you can now choose from many different variations and models. If you’re feeling stuck about what to get, we have the information to help make up your mind.  

Suction vibrators, clitoral suckers, vacuum, or air pressure sex toys are known as the closest thing to oral sex that you can get in a mechanical device. While it is true that they feel amazing, comparing them to oral sex or even a vacuum is a bit misleading, particularly as they are also known for ‘touchless’ stimulation. Whatever you want to call them or compare them to, air pressure technology offers a truly unique experience that can leave one feeling stimulated and intensely aroused with minimal touch. 


How does a suction vibrator thingy work?

The air around us has weight and can be used or directed to apply pressure and force. The motor in a suction vibrator produces pulses of air that can gently stimulate nerve endings and increase blood flow to genital tissues. The pulses create barely perceptible strokes of air that build up and can create a powerfully intense release. The cup shape helps direct the air and form a seal around a nipple, frenulum, or clitoris. The seal creates the feeling of suction—sort of like a kiss or a hickey. Many of the most popular suction vibrators are also waterproof. Using them with water or with a bit of water-based lube can give the seal more vacuum and increase the force of the air pulses, intensifying the experience.


What are suction vibrators good for?

There are many reasons why suction vibrators are an excellent resource to keep in your box of sex toy goodies. They can be a gentle introduction for people who are just starting to masturbate. These toys are also suitable for people who may find vibrators too intense or want to minimise numbness. They may also help prepare for penetration or build erections—some people use them to learn how to become multi-orgasmic. 


How to choose a suction vibrator 

  1. Know your body. The openings of suction vibrators come in all different sizes. The more basic models tend to be more vibrator than suction, while the more advanced models will have more sophisticated air pressure modulation. Choose a size that can latch comfortably onto the area you would like to target. The better the seal, the better the feel! 

Beginners can try the brand that started it all, the Womanizer Liberty.
Or for something a bit more stylish, start something special with Dame’s Aer.

For a smaller opening, try Lelo’s adorable Sona 2.
For maximum coverage, get stuck on Lelo’s Sila

  1. Get a grip. Suction vibrators can hit hard and fast, but you should still consider how you would like to hold or not hold the device. 

For a more extended grip (and eco-friendliness), go with the Womanizer Premium Eco Rose
For no holds fun, the Sona 2 by Lelo gets another tick. 

  1. Blend! For the ultimate pleasure experience, try stimulating multiple spots.            

The pleasure is all fun and no mystery with the Lelo Enigma.
Sometimes blending is better with a partner; try the Golden Moments or Silver Moments collections by We-Vibe and Womanizer for air pressure partnered play.

As always, the only limitation is your imagination!

If you have any questions, the staff at Passionfruit are always ready to help. If you would like to share your experience of using suction vibrators, drop us a line.