This week we are going to dive into the world of audio erotica and audio porn. One of the best things about audio erotica is that you can be anywhere whilst enjoying it. So make the most of it.

For free content, head over to Girl On The Net or Literotica to find some stories, and story tellers, that get your juices flowing. Make sure to save some for later.

Next time you are on your commute, lunch break, or simply doing the dishes put on some headphones and listen to a story, allowing yourself to get absorbed in the fantasy. When you have some private playtime for yourself, revisit your favourite and allow yourself to give in to your sensual desires.


This couples challenge will take you and your partner/s on a journey to discover how sound and music play a role in your sex life. It can be a fun idea to download a decibel meter app on your phone to take a more quantitative approach.

We will start by attempting to find out what sex is life without any sound. Silent sex. Try not to make any noises, or have anything playing in the background. Afterwards, discuss how it felt and what effect it had on your pleasure.

Now we know what it’s like without, schedule a session where moaning, grunting, heavy breathing and/or talking are the focus. Depending on your individual tastes and comfortability (don’t worry about the neighbours though!) let go and enjoy both making noise, and hearing your partner's pleasure. Make sure to talk afterwards about how it felt and the effects had on your pleasure.

Finally, let’s add some music… spend an evening creating a playlist of some sensual songs to get down to. These can be individual favourites, or ideally music that get you both going. Take note to set the tone and pace, maybe starting slow and sensual while building up the tempo with each song.


In the heat of passion, not all sounds need to be made with your mouth. Paddles, whips and crops, while also providing a tactile sensation, can be used for auditory pleasure also. 

Get yourself a large paddle (you can start with a hand) to provide the most slap for the least amount of whack. Every time a slap is given, make sure there is a moan or gasp in response. If you’re with a partner, have them face away to ensure all communication of satisfaction is verbal. 

If you don’t mind a bit of impact then go for a crop or whip. Remember to start small and build up.