Summary : best comfortable clit-stim during sex = Iroha +

I was exchanging stories of sex injuries with a friend over coffee the other day.

(we both ordered a Long Black and suddenly we landed on this topic...)

She described an unfortunate encounter between her pubic bone and the kitchen sink...

Whilst washing the dishes after a scrumptious meal, her husband crept up behind her, and rigorously thanked her for her thoughtful efforts (too right, is there anything sexier than thoughtful gestures acknowledged with thoughtful humpings?!)

In the heat of the moment the pressure against the sink (not to mention the impressive gripping abilities of those yellow rubber gloves) were outstandingly hot. 

However, she lamented that her pubic mound still to this day gives her grief when too much pressure is applied. 


I exclaimed, this next question was important...

What toy do you use on your clit during sex??"

You see, we both share a bond that many a vulva-owner can nod along to (research suggests 8 out of every 10 women in fact). Penetrative sex feels fantastic. But if we want to have an orgasm, the clitoris needs to be invited to the party too.

One enjoyable way to do this is by holding your favorite vibe.

But a lot of clitoral vibrators are made of a rigid plastic coated in a thin layer of silicone, too much pressure for my friend's precious pube-bone.

Her answer? 

The Iroha Plus. Watch our latest video to understand why...