What a dream it was to have Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha to grow together with back in my 30's. Sex & The City incorporated all the things I loved - sex, high fashion, New York and a tight knit group of smart women. Sure I didn't have the fab lifestyle that they had but I could relate you know? I felt like one of the gang.

Lo and behold, I'm still the same age as these women and when I learned of the upcoming series, I was so excited to see what had transpired over the years. As I know well, a lot happens in your 40's and 50's! How they (me) are portrayed in later life however, is irritating and deflating.

As well as losing the wit, sass and joie de vie that made the show so fun in the 90’s, there's an underlying cynicism, as though getting older somehow not only ages us physically but cognitively as well, which is just so much bullshit.



Carrie would have divorced Big years ago because der, she’s a grown woman who would have had her own ‘woke’ moment and realised he’s an arse hole. Yes he would have dropped dead trying to cycle a marathon and impress a 20 year old but would have left his guilt money to Carrie not his other ex. The girls would have gone out for cocktails and celebrated.

Carrie wouldn’t be fumbling around on someone else’s goddam podcast. She would have her own hugely successful podcast. How much more can the writers hate this woman?

Carrie would have had her past traumas and would have eventually had to face up to her financial situation or risk being homeless like so many of her (my) generation. She would have cleaned up her act, bought her apartment and Big’s money would have set her up for retirement. The pandemic would have seen her lose friends and family and her life’s experiences would have deepened her character. But she’d still be fun! Even before Big’s death, Carrie is cynical and depressing. Maybe because she’s still with Big. The other Carrie would have moved on years ago.

Ok the bits about being invisible (the only subtle reference on the show) are great and the fashion is amazing. But where’s the talk about sex? Are they having it? Your fifties can be sexually amazing you know! We know Miranda hasn’t had sex for years but why aren’t we talking about vibrators and menopause and lube? And why aren’t they doing it (talking) in fabulous restaurants and bars? Like, WTF? They’re in NY wearing killer clothes and they’re all loaded. Are they supposed to be ‘with it’ and masturbating in the subway? Kill me now.


Miranda was a lawyer and whatever she’s doing now, she’d be on top of her game. As if she’d need to be ‘woken’. How cringy and belittling and humiliating. She has a kid, she reads, her friends have kids. She lives in New York. You don’t have to shove down our throats how out of touch 50 somethings must be and how progressive millennials are. I am personally insulted by this palaver. Instead of being an alcoholic who never has sex or listens to podcasts or is incapable of writing a eulogy for her best friend, Miranda would have a closet full of sex toys, would have a son who she has challenging but open conversations with and who would be exploring her sexuality in a way that was self determining. She'd have written a eulogy that was pitch perfect, poignant, layered with in-jokes and ultimately a tribute to her beautiful best friend. She'd bloody well be listening to books and not carrying them around in a backpack on the subway. Like really?


Charlotte is so annoying that even her ‘best friend’ Carrie avoids her. And who wouldn’t unfriend her? What was cute and ditzy 20 years ago is now just selfish and ignorant. All she seems to care about is herself and her brilliant daughter who’s entry into the Manhattan Music Academy is the be-all-and-end-all. And everyone better cancel their plans and be at the recital or else. Forget about noticing or having any awareness at all of your other daughter who is so obviously going through her own stuff. Rich, spoiled Charlotte who has never heard the word non binary. It’s clear her character hasn’t moved on. Perhaps she could have weathered a few covid storms, nursed her parents, endured a financial loss and come out the other side so much more raw and complex. But no. Charlotte is a caricature.


Tying the alleged, real life rift between SJP and Kim Catrall plays into the whole bitchy-women-not-getting-along narrative and is completely and utterly offensive. The writers should be ashamed of themselves and the actors should have revolted. Samantha would have opened offices all over the world and been mega successful. Where’s the respect?


References to not eating, drinking ‘too much’, ordering fries!! (but not eating them) being prudish, going grey, god the list goes on and it’s not pretty. Yeah live it up in your 30’s and drink cocktails but watch out! You’ll turn into a closet drinker with no personality and glasses who can't enjoy food and shouldn't. What used to be a show about friendship, fun and life is now just sad. AJLT could have been a groundbreaking and empowering series about women in their fifties and their very real highs and lows. Maybe it will improve but I’m not holding my breath.