“You watch ‘Alien’ with a date and it goes really well, and this is the toy you pull out.” In this episode of First Impressions, Themme (they/them) reviews the sparkly, the stretchy and the strange but oh-so satisfying. Tune-in for innuendo, stay for the unexpected Alien references. Featuring the All That Glimmers Set by Le Wand, Fun Factory Nos C-Ring and Manta. 

The products featured in this episode include:

All That Glimmers by Le Wand

“It looks like a karaoke microphone...and without a cord, so you can do karaoke anywhere.” This pretty and powerful vibrating wand is rechargeable, body safe and shower-friendly – so you can really hit that high, jitterbug.


Nōs C-Ring by Fun Factory

Sharing is caring. The Nōs C-Ring is designed to deliver pleasure to multiple people, simultaneously. Featuring a stretchy design and two protruding nubs with separate vibrating motors, it’s the ring that keeps on giving. Pair with finger stuff, oral stuff and penetrative stuff with the click of a button.


Manta By Fun Factory

Organic meets high-tech in this Giger-esque vibe. Featuring two vibrating wings that envelop various body parts, this toy is designed for solo and partnered play. Fellatio, penetration and masturbation is made better with this strange yet satisfying design.


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First Impressions is a Passionfruit series that encourages folks to see pleasure toys from a new perspective. This episode features Themme Fatale who can be found at @themme_fatale