The Kama Sutra, the most famous sex position book of all time, features all kinds of weird and wonderful positions, but there's nary a big, disabled or old body in sight. Like, we don't have sex or something??? Unless you're young, thin and able bodied (and a contortionist) you pretty much don't exist in the sex position book world.

So where to park that fulsome arse when you're giving and receiving some plus size pleasure? My tip is to use props or invest in some body positioning sex furniture. The following positions are also great for pregnant bodies.


Such a super comfy position shouldn't be underestimated as there is great access to the breasts, clitoris or penis. Just add a Humphrey Pillow between the knees to take the weight off.


The bottom (receiver) can rest the legs over the top's body so both tummies are out of the way. Massage your own pleasure spots with your hands. Ramp up the kink factor and add nipple clamps with a chain that your lover can pull or lay over the Black Label Ramp and enjoy being pleasured while cuffed/gagged/blindfolded.


Lay back with your legs resting against your partner’s shoulders and your butt against the edge of the bed. Laying on the Ramp will raise your arse higher in the air and allow for better angle and deeper penetration. Mix up penetration with oral sex, eye gazing and kissing. If you have a clitoris, use a long armed wand (to make it easy to get around your tummy) for greater stimulation and if you have a penis, try a Manta for stroking. Add a butt plug if that's your wont.


So much pleasure potential! As well as the usual PIV/A (penis in vagina/anus), the Doggy is perfect for vibrator play, masturbation, anal, analingus, spanking and whatever else your imagination can conjure. If the arms get tired, rest on the forearms or use the Humphrey Pillow or Bon Bon Toy Mount underneath. You can add a vibrator or dildo to the mount and enjoy double penetration that way too.



Double penetration in The Doggie position is also one of the more comfy positions for plus sizes (or any size). If there's a third person in the mix just lay over them in the missionary position with your other lover behind. Otherwise lying over a Toy Mount like the Humphrey Pillow or Bon Bon with a dildo attached and your lover penetrating your arse will do nicely. That should cover all bases :)




Plus size or not, these are 5 of my favourite positions, and Liberator Sex Furniture is at the top of my list for pleasure and comfort enhancement. Ultimately, the best sex positions for plus size bodies are going to vary from couple to couple, but open communication, confidence to express what feels good, and a willingness to experiment until you find something you both enjoy is all you need.


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